Friday , July 10 2020

3 Ways You Can Handle Aggressive Bulldog

How to Tackle Bulldog Aggression

It is natural for a bulldog to get aggressive towards another dog at one point or another.
Some dogs are, however, more aggressive than others for many different reasons.
Here are a few reasons that lead to bulldog aggression towards other dogs.

Why are Bulldogs aggressive?

• He is afraid.
• His space may be violated.
• He may feel the need to dominate.
• He may be protective of us.
• He may be very curious.
• He may also just be over-excited.
• He might not be used to the company of other dogs hence is tense and anxious.

How do you deal with an English bulldog’s temperament?

This kind of behaviour should not be encouraged but instead, should be handled with calmness and patience.
For example, if your dog growls at another dog, do not give him reassuring words like, “That’s okay.” Also, do not pick him up.
If he growls or snaps at another dog, do not try to restrain physically or soothe him.
English bulldog behaviour problems may thus be reinforced unintentionally by well-meaning owners.

Realise your contribution to the aggressive bulldog’s behaviour

Dogs are extremely sensitive to human feeling. Emotions can easily be detected in the tone of voice and dogs reflect them with more intensity. You need to consciously calm down, then his behaviour will improve. This also goes for you being tense when you dog meet other dogs, as you might be fearful how your dog will react. This fearful reaction will most likely trigger an aggressive response from your dog. Once you realise your contribution to the aggressive bulldog’s behaviour and consciously change your attitude, then results will follow.

Use Avoidance as a tool

When I see another dog, usually I just ignore him and move along. Avoidance is effective especially when I deliberately turn my eyes away
from the dog and its owner; this greatly helps when dealing with English bulldog aggression problems. My eyes are focused forward and I keep a natural pace.

My dog will learn that when there are other dogs that there is no need to confront but rather avoid.

I choose not to let my dog be obsessed or gaze intensely at other dogs.
This is bad behaviour that should not be allowed. Simply move him along, and ignore. Should the other dog be blocking you in anyway (e.g. the owner has lost control), then change direction.
We can do this by simply crossing the road and patiently waiting for the other dog to pass.

Another idea may also be to move your dog behind a barrier, for example, a car. If there are no barriers available, we can try blocking the dog’s view with our body.

Avoid a head-on confrontation

This same technique may be used to alleviate French bulldog aggression behaviour that goes out of hand.
Watch the video which deals with aggression between two dogs living together and who are aggressive towards each other.