Monday , June 1 2020

4 Steps to Clean English Bulldog Ear to Prevent Infection

Why Bulldog often gets ear infection?

English bulldogs are well known for having a short, stocky build and wrinkled skin.
Typically their ears are folded, often in a “rose ear” shape, as the fold falls backward or to the side, it exposes the middle ear. The fold might fall forward in a “button ear” or “drop ear” style.
Both of these ear types will trap in moisture that can lead to infection. Dogs with folded or floppy ears get a lot less airflow through their ears, so regular cleaning is vital to prevent ear infections.

How to Prevent Bulldog ear infection

To prevent minor problems from becoming major ones, inspect your English bulldog’s ears on a regular basis, maybe weekly and clean them when necessary. The ears should be pinkish gray and odour-free. If there is a brown or yellow discharge, excess wax, or there is red and inflamed skin then, the dogs ears may be infected.

If you notice excessive scratching and head shaking, then that may point toward ear problems. These are classic examples of bulldog ear symptoms. If your dog exhibits any of them, take him to your vet as soon as possible for treatment.

What Products to use for Bulldog earn cleaning

To avoid any damage to your dog’s ear canal then never use cotton swabs to clean your bulldog’s ears.  It pushes the debris further into the ear canal and could puncture the ear drum if you aren’t careful or if your dog makes a wrong move. It’s best to use pet cleansers designed for Bulldog ear cleaning. These cleansers are gentle enough that they will not irritate your dog’s skin, and they will dry quickly to prevent excess moisture. If you want to be sure your bulldog’s ears are fully dry after cleaning, look for an ear-drying powder at your local pet store.

4 Steps Procedure to Clean your bulldog’ear

  1. Bulldog ear cleaning is a simple procedure that starts by you first gently lifting the ear flap and pulling it upward to expose and straighten the ear canal.
  2. Next, squeeze a few drops of dog ear cleanser either into the ear canal or onto a cloth
  3. Then massage the base of your dog’s ear with your fingers to distribute the solution.
  4. When you’re finished, make sure the ear is nice and dry.

Precautions and Prevention

Airflow is really important in maintaining clean, healthy ears and solving many English bulldog ear problems. If your dog has hairy ears that might make him a bit more prone to ear infection, as the hair will obstruct airflow and cause irritation inside the ear.

To fix this problem, first, try trimming or plucking the ear hair just inside your bulldog’s ears. Then when bathing your dog, try to avoid getting his head wet, since excess moisture in the ear can lead to infection.

Bulldog Ear Home Remedy

Sometimes all one needs is a quick home remedy to solve ear cleaning or even French Bulldog ear cleaning. Cod liver oil and vitamin E oil do wonders for combating inner and middle ear infections. Use the oil as an ear drop after crushing a vitamin E oil capsule. The amazing Aloe Vera gel, once warmed may be placed into the ear to reduce redness and irritation.

Watch Video Below on Steps for Cleaning your Bulldog’s ear