Friday , February 21 2020

A Woman is Shot as Police Try to Stop an Aggressive Bulldog

An English bulldog was shot and killed in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, yesterday after biting several people.


Clyde, the english bulldog puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those at the scene described it as chaos. Two dogs escaped their yard after landscapers failed to close the backyard gate properly. One of the dogs was a Chihuahua and the other an English bulldog. The 16-month-old bulldog bit a girl and kept running. One of the owners, a 12-year-old boy, lay on the dog until police officers arrived and put a leash on the pet.

Even with the leash on, the dog launched into another round of attacks.

The dog bit an officer and then latched onto a neighbor’s thigh. The dog was shot with the Taser guns of several officers but would not let go. Finally, at least one police officer shot the dog. Unfortunately, one of the victims was also hit by a Taser and a bullet in the foot. All of the dog bite victims went to the hospital. The dog owner felt he couldn’t fault the officers for shooting the dog, because the dog bit people. Police officers profusely apologized for the accidental shooting and Tasering of the women at the scene.

When a dog goes on the attack, there is always the potential for complete chaos. Many people across the nation in recent months have been passionate about demanding that police officers stop shooting people’s pets. One of the reasons for the concern, other than loss of a beloved pet considered a member of the family, is that others can be injured when police shoot dogs. That concern became a reality this week.

Another common occurrence is for a dog considered by his family to be a basically mild-mannered pet to surprisingly bite someone.




source: Texas Dog Bite InjuryLaw



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