Sunday , December 8 2019

Abandoned Bulldogs Are Becoming a Problem in NYC

 English Bulldog

“The English bulldog’s, year-over-year increase in popularity fuels the year-over-year increase in the number of dogs we rescue,” says Laurette Richin, executive director for Long Island Bulldog Rescue (LIBR). “In 1999, we rescued 13 dogs. In 2013, we rescued 347.”

Bulldogs are a breed that a lot of people seemingly fall in love with very quickly.  The recent explosion in the popularity of this breed has even seen them become the dog of choice for people in New York City.  However, with this popularity has come a downside.  The city is seeing a large jump in the numbers of abandonment cases, and it’s a real problem.

Many families are adopting these bulldogs more and more often.  Who can blame them?  The squishy faces and generally gentile and often silly disposition they have can make them an instant hit.  However it would seem that maybe too many people aren’t getting the full rundown on what to expect with this breed and what it takes to be a really great dog-parent.

Mostly, it’s the health issues that almost always come with adopting a bulldog.  They can also be very stubborn at times, but with a little work and training, that can be minimalized.  Due to the health issues, and a lack of knowledge and experience with the proper care for these dogs, rescuers in NYC are seeing this breed more and more end up alone and on the streets.

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  1. I’ve always loved bull dogs,what are your adoption rules and prices? I live in Maryland do you only adopt out locally? Thanks for your time.

  2. I have had bulldogs for 15 years and other than cleaning wrinkles I have not had problems. Buy from a reputable breeder.

  3. I am sure that you are looking after your dog with much TLC!

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