Sunday , December 8 2019

Adorable Baby Bulldog Has Hysterical Time With An Ice Cube

puppy & ice cube

All puppies are cute, but Bulldog puppies seem to be exceptionally cute. In this case, we get to see baby Rugby meet an ice cube for the very first time and the results are hysterical! Is it the sound, shape or coldness of the ice that makes Rugby want to pounce and play with it? He seems both confused and curious! Watching him play with this new item is so cute we can’t help but replay this short video over and over. Rugby’s owner notes that this was back in 2012 and Rugby is a happy, healthy 3-year-old adult now. Thankfully they were able to catch this cuteness on video when he was a youngster!

Do you have a funny video of your dog or puppy experiencing something new for the very first time?

They can have super funny reactions and we’d love to see them! Share them with us in the comments.

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