Sunday , December 8 2019

Air Canada Pilot Emergency Lands at Frankfurt to Save French Bulldog Life!

Air Canada pilot diverts an international flight bound from Tel Aviv to Toronto! After becoming aware of a heating system malfunction in the plane’s cargo area, the pilot lands at Frankfurt to save the French Bulldog’s life.

pilot save bulldog

Seven-year-old Simba would have frozen to death if the pilot started out on the long  journey over the Atlantic Ocean, where temperatures plummet.

pilot saves bulldog3

 With the dog’s well-being in danger, the pilot landed in Frankfurt, despite a delay of 75 minutes and extra cost of $10,000 in fuel.

pilot saves bulldog2

Understandably, Simba’s owner was extremely grateful: “It’s my dog, it’s like my child. It’s everything to me,” he said after they were reunited at Pearson Airport, Toronto.

pilot saves bulldog1

Simba was then placed on another flight and the plane continued to Toronto.

pilot saves bulldog4

Passengers on the plane supported the pilot’s decision, despite the inconvenience.

pilot saves bulldog5



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