Thursday , July 9 2020

Best dog breed in the world is the English bulldog

Champion Bulldog leads the ‘friendly’ pack.

Despite his down in the dumps expression, the English Bulldog is one of the friendliest of all breeds in my opinion.
The adorable puppies are a little frisky, but adults are usually quiet, most of the day they spend snoring away on the sofa, if you will allow them. They obviously need some exercise like any other moving living thing to stay fit, preferably short walks in cool weather.
They are not the barking watchdog type but their demeanour will intruders pause and rethink their intentions.
He is a bit stubborn and hence it can be difficult sometimes to change his mind once it is resolved on something. Once you are aware of this characteristic, you can get assistance if need be to properly handle situations that arise.
There you go in a nutshell. Hope you opinion is slightly swayed towards mine.

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