Sunday , December 8 2019

Bulldog Mother Shot at Close Range Manage to give birth to 7 Puppies

The puppies’ mother was shot with a gun at close range.


Skylark the American Bulldog was found by Rocky Ridge Refuge shortly after being shot, close-range, with a BB gun. She was terribly wounded and extremely pregnant. She nearly had an emergency C-section to get the puppies out of her, but thankfully she started to give birth. The rescuers were happy, even if she did give birth in the car.


The Rocky Ridge Rescue found the mother and helped her give birth to her seven puppies.




They almost had to be born via an emergency C-section, but mom went into labor just in time… in the car.




The seven “car puppies” are now doing well; instead of living in filth and abandonment, they are loved and healthy.


They get to play with bunnies…



And a happy capybara named Cheesecake.




Life couldn’t be better for these pups.


And to think, they were so close to living such a rough life.


This puppy family was so close to living on the streets (and most of the puppies probably wouldn’t have survived if their mother died). Thankfully, now they are living the good life at the rescue. They are well-fed, healthy and get to play with a Capybara named Cheesecake. Life is good.





Source: Viralnova



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