Thursday , July 9 2020

Bulldog Owner Accuses Animal Control Officer for allegedly Beating His Dog! SHOCKING

Shocking pictures of a bulldog mouth injuries from an alleged beating by an animal control officer has sparked outrage online.

abused bulldog

ONE News contacted Hasting’s animal control for comment and were told the council is investigating the incident.

Bulldog owner, Quintin Butcher, posted pictures of his beaten dog with a broken tooth on Facebook, after being reunited with his dog Albert yesterday after, it went missing from his workshop in Hastings.

Mr Butcher says that the dog wandered off from the car when his son left him alone while he went to the bathroom.

He says his son was gone a maximum of 10 minutes when he returned and found Albert missing. After a fruitless search, Mr Butcher posted a message to his Facebook page asking if anyone had seen his dog.

The post was shared nearly 200 times as locals tried to help Mr Butcher find his dog.

It was through Facebook that Mr Butcher learned a woman had picked up an injured dog after she noticed an animal control officer beating it on the side of the road.

The woman, who is also a bulldog owner, told Mr Butcher she’d pulled over and confronted the officer saying she was the dog’s owner before loading the injured dog into her car and taking off.

Mr Butcher told ONE News he has spoken with the animal control officer but says the man denies beating his dog.

Mr Butcher says his dog isn’t aggressive, and he can’t understand why the animal control officer didn’t just lock him up.

“I wouldn’t be mad if he wasn’t injured. That’s the thing I’m pissed off about,” Mr Butcher says.



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