Thursday , July 9 2020

Bulldog in Style

Bulldog Watching TV sitting on a Couch

English Bulldog Relaxing while Watching TV An English bulldog enjoys some relaxation time and watches TV. Her sitting up pose is not typical for a dog, most likely imitating its owner. A very striking pasture and pose for the canine. Makes the whole scene incredibly cute to watch. The other …

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Caught on cam!! Bears scared away by bulldog

Bulldog Chases Bear Cubs off Owners Property Jewel the French Bulldog may be small compared to the mammal intruders, but that didn’t stop her from scaring off two bears that entered her owner’s garden in California, US. Confidence, courage, will and determination is the key. She weighs just over a …

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Bulldogs are Awesomely Affectionate: Here is proof

Sweet and Gentle Bulldogs that will Woo your Heart Loving, gentle, child friendly, affectionate, sweet, cute, compassionate are words and phrases used to describe the bulldog today. These dogs, seeking out human attention and forming strong bonds with children are the perfect family pet. However, they can be stubborn and …

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