Monday , June 1 2020

Cute Bulldog

Bulldogs are Awesome!!!! Didn’t you know?

Awesome and cool Bulldogs People have many misconceptions about the English and French bulldog. Some believe they are violent, aggressive, mean and reserved. One might agree that the appearances of a fully grown adult might be deceiving and a little bit intimidating but deep down they are as soft as …

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Bulldog Plays Dead after Fake Shooting

Bang Bang!!! Now you’re dead: Toby the Bulldog plays dead Most of us have seen loads of videos where a dog plays dead, but have you ever seen such an adorable and cute act as Toby the Bulldog as shown in the video. When her owner, then ‘shoots’ Toby with …

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Baby Argues with Bulldog till Pet Gives Up

Heated Tirade between Toddler and…..Bulldog A chattering baby seems to get the best of the family bulldog. In this YouTube video, the baby is attempting to explain something to or argue with the poor bulldog. The tirade is delightfully pleasing. The dog just gazes at the baby as he rambles …

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