Thursday , July 9 2020

Cute Puppy Shower: Rescued two-week old Pup Enjoys Bath Time

Some peace at last for the abandoned soul

The two-week-old was found in a dumpster abandoned along with his two sisters. He now looks like his millions of miles away from those troubles.
The three puppies were rescued by Dallas Animal Service and brought to DFW Rescue Me animal shelter, Claire Fowler, a volunteer was then given the task of taking care of them.
The 21-year-old student mentioned that, “When they were found they were covered in fleas and would not have survived without their mother.’
“The little guys need round-the-clock care – they couldn’t use the restroom by themselves or even regulate their own body temperature.’
What a drastic change for the little puppy who now appreciates a good warm shower.!!!

dog-grooming photo dog-grooming-final_zpsvjxda9kh.gif

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