Sunday , December 8 2019

Dozens of bulldogs seized, puppies found in freezer

 Abused Dogs rescued in Indiana. Owner facing animal cruelty charges

bulldog rescue

Dozens of dogs, most of them American bulldogs, were seized from a home in Indiana after authorities got a tip that the dogs were living in feces and urine.

In all, 46 dogs — most of them American bulldogs, including a basenji and some puppies — and a lizard were being seized from the Muncie property.

Officials called conditions in the house on the property, and in dog cages outside, “horrific.”

“Many of the dogs are needing pretty severe medical attention,” said Phil Peckinpaugh, director of the Muncie Animal Shelter.

He said one of the canines had part of its face “literally missing.”

A utility company worker alerted the shelter of conditions at the scene Tuesday, Peckinpaugh said. Most of the dogs were living in waste-filled cages in back.

The owner, identified on the scene as Jacob Pelfrey, was taken into police custody, despite his requests to remain to help transport the dogs.

Pelfrey, 23, was being held in the Delaware County jail Wednesday night under a $65,000 bond. He is preliminarily charged with multiple counts of cruelty to an animal and neglect of a vertebrate animal.

Despite the condition of the dogs and property, Peckinpaugh said he did not suspect dog-fighting was involved, since he said most fighting dogs were better cared for. He called the owner of the property “a mix between a hoarder and a puppy mill (operator).

source : USA today 



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