Thursday , July 9 2020

Gentle Bulldog with adorable baby

Two peas in a pod: Friends we are!

The bulldog is muscular, strong willed but generally calm. The baby and the dog look so content in each other company. He defiantly needs to have vigorous exercise to stay happy, healthy and fit.
For the dog to be stable and a controllable temperament the key is early socialization with a family. He must not be left alone too long as he’s behaviour may become destructive as he is very strong willed. He does learn very quickly if his owner is confident and consistent, he will then show respect.
Dog aggression can be a real problem.
There is public/media prejudice to any breed that looks like a “pit bull,” so American Bulldogs ideally should be on a leash when they go for a walk. If it’s possible they should have basic obedience training.

dog-grooming photo dog-grooming-final_zpsvjxda9kh.gif

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