Monday , May 25 2020

How to get a very tired bulldog, named Clyde, to go outside…

Watch what makes Him lift his dead!

In this day and age it’s so much easier to stay put and not venture outside. A sure way of getting your pet outside is a sure promise in the car.
A really effective way to get some exercise for yourself and your dog is to set up a routine. We’ve all heard this before and it has become a clique but once it’s implemented the results are phenomenal.
How does one set up a routine? The key is to be consistent and that’s the most difficult part. Try and bring your dog to a specified area of the house at a certain time early in the morning. Through consistency the habit will be learnt.
Don’t forget to reward for any compliance.

dog-grooming photo dog-grooming-final_zpsvjxda9kh.gif

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