Monday , June 1 2020

Los Angeles Firefighters Comforts a Brave Bulldog who was having Trouble Breathing

He Was Pulled From A Burning House And Couldn’t Breathe, But Just Wait ‘Til The End

When your house catches on fire, most people probably experience some kind of panic.

What will you save? Can everyone get out alive? Will your house burn completely to the ground?

When one family’s apartment went up in flames, they luckily escaped, but their dog wasn’t so fortunate. He was trapped in the burning building until firemen rescued him. But that wasn’t the end of the nightmare for the poor pup. At first, Potato the bulldog couldn’t breathe on his own. Thankfully, experienced firemen helped bring the dog back from the brink.

DOG’S BEST FRIENDS: Los Angeles firefighters comforted a dog who was having trouble breathing after a rescue from a burning home in Koreatown. The firefighters had the dog back up and walking around on its own after they provided water, oxygen and the healing powers of a belly rub:

Thank goodness for those brave firemen! Without their devotion to all living things — furry or not — no one knows what would have happened to poor Potato. We salute you!

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