Sunday , December 8 2019

Lentil the French bulldog, born with cleft lip and palate

The five-month-old pup, who recently underwent surgery to correct his palate, has taken on a new role as a therapy dog at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Lentil, a French Bulldog puppy, was born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Surgeons were able to fix his palate in May, and Lentil has become an ‘ambassodog’ for kids with craniofacial issues.


His cuteness captured the hearts of thousands, and now this adorable pup has an important job to do.

Lentil the French bulldog, who was born with a life-threatening facial deformity in February, is now providing hope, support and cuddles for human kids with similar conditions.


Lentil was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip, and was given up by his breeder. He was adopted by Lindsay Condefer, a Philadelphia pet store owner and volunteer with the French Bulldog Rescue Network of Philadelpia.

Lentil’s condition was so severe that mealtimes were a dangerous ordeal. He also had trouble breathing.


Doctors performed surgery to correct Lentil’s palate, but decided to leave his cleft lip since it is “more of a cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Alexander Reiter told CNN. “It’s not really a necessity for patients that are not fully aware of what they look like.” Lentil can now eat and breathe normally.


Now the five-month-old pup — who has more than 90,000 Facebook fans — has touched the lives of more than hundreds of patients.

With Condefer, he even traveled to Orlando, Fla., to visit a Children’s Craniofacial Association kids’ camp.

He’s here for a reason, and he’s made it for a reason, and that’s what makes him special,” Condefer told CNN.






Source : Daily News



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