Monday , June 1 2020

Rescued Bulldog, Bonsai, Born with Half a Body

Bonsai The Bulldog will melt your heart

Beauty is skin deep. In this case, fur deep. Bonsai was born with multiple rare deformities – half a spine, no pelvis and tiny hind legs. When he was three-and-a-half weeks old, his owners gave him to Friends of Emma, a Texas rescue organization. At least, he was not dumped or abandoned.
His main condition is Sacral Agenesis (Caudal Regression) which is actually a human condition. In this disorder, the bones of the lower spine are frequently missing, and the sections that follow of the spinal cord are also irregular or missing. Affected individuals may have incomplete closure of the vertebrae, a liquid-filled sac on the back covered by skin that might or might not have part of the spinal cord, or bits of hair at the base of the spine.

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