Monday , May 25 2020

Rugo Braves the stairs for the first time

Down the stairs: Epic journey about to be taken.

Rugo descents the stairs for the first time, with Meaty his friend with him every step of the way.
I’m sure his owner was close as we wouldn’t want him to get hurt. Braving new frontiers is great as it boosts self-esteem and confidence once you succeed.
A little word of caution, if I may, when you are not on guard then a suitable gate at the bottom of the staircase will help to protect your little pup from venturing up unsupervised. When they have to get in and out of cars, its best you lift them up to prevent any injuries from occurring.

dog-grooming photo dog-grooming-final_zpsvjxda9kh.gif

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Source : thekennelclub



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