Monday , June 1 2020

How to Save your Swimmer Puppies from Certain Death

How to prevent puppy death


You can recognize a swimmer puppy because they move on their chest as if they are swimming A swimmer puppy can’t get on its feet. The bigger and heavier they get, the more challenging movement becomes.
Make sure his bedding is soft so that his flat chest isn’t resting on a hard surface when you’re not watching. Be sure to use the example given in the video using PVC piping, which is inexpensive and effective.
The puppy should sleep on its side and not directly on its chest. Pad him on both sides if you have to so he’s less likely to roll over. Try and keep the temperature in the room warm as new-borns cannot maintain their own body temperature. Don’t make it too hot as they won’t pile up but spread out instead. Ideally you would want them to pile up on each other for additional warmth which helps them from going flat.

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