Sunday , December 8 2019

Thornwood Bulldog Allegedly Burned At Groomer

Meet Bella… she was burned when she went to the groomers…



Watch the video below to know what happened to Bella…

THORNWOOD, N.Y. (WABC) — Chantel Carpentieri took her dog Bella for a little pet pampering last Friday.

But instead of a good grooming, she believes her 4-year-old English bulldog was burned with a dryer along her back and neck.

“I took a baby wipe and I started wiping her down and then I look at the baby wipe and I see blood on it. I was horrified. I lifted up her fur and saw blood and pus,” Carpentieri said.

Carpentieri says Bella was groomed at The Paw Salon in Thornwood.

Eyewitness News spoke to the owner over the phone who apologized.

She claims the injuries were caused by brushing not burning.

And that she offered to pay for the Bella’s vet bill and reimburse the grooming cost.

Bella is taking antibiotics three times a day for three weeks along with taking medicated baths, because her vet believes the infection was caused by burns.

“I’m concerned mentally how she’s ever going to let anyone groom her again after this experience,” Carpentieri said.

The Westchester County Health Department says The Paw Salon got a violation for operating without a permit but has since obtained one.

Carpentieri hopes other pet parents will do a little research when choosing a groomer.

“My warning would be before you drop your pet off anywhere to speak with the groomer, what machines they use, what dryers, what tools, shampoos. Look at the establishment, make sure you’re comfortable with it,” Carpentieri said.

Carpentieri filed a complaint with the SPCA, but the case will not be pursued because Bella’s injuries were deemed accidental.

Source: EyeWitnessNews



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