Sunday , December 8 2019

Viewer Helps Reunite Family With Stolen French Bulldogs

Houston ABC Viewer Helps Reunite Family With Stolen French Bulldogs


 A family is reunited with their French Bulldogs thanks to an ABC 13 viewer.


“We’re all sleeping in the same bed tonight,” said owner Armando Correa, after we got a call that his dogs were found more than 30 miles from their home.

The Correa family has surveillance video from their front yard showing a FedEx driver picking up the dogs, Sheila and Bruno, and driving away.

dog found 2

“Then we saw y’alls story,” said Dr. John Gregory. One of his clients found the two house dogs huddled together on a neighborhood street. She brought them into Dr. Gregory after seeing our story on Eyewitness News at 5pm.

“They were in great condition, they look happy, healthy, very playful. They’re just good little pups,” said Dr. Gregory.

dog found

FedEx says the driver who picked up the dogs has been suspended.
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.




Source : Eyewitness News 



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