Friday , February 21 2020

Why is there high abandonment of the loving English Bulldogs?

The sad reality of the English Bulldog2016_03_02_07_49_39_A._._High_adondonment_Microsoft_Word

English Bulldogs have extremely loveable personalities, make the ideally loyal family pet and are also fantastic with kids.
These dogs however are unbelievably expensive and are being bred indiscriminately for profit, which you can’t do with any breed but this breed in particular.
Due to growing demand for the chubby canines, pet retailers turn to puppy mills that often breed the animals in substandard conditions, which can cause serious health problems or result in new ones.
These dogs don’t usually have a lot of puppies as the pups are big and the female may sometimes require a C-section. Therefore they are not a money-maker if you do it right – that’s the problem. The demand far exceeds the supply. And today people are just anxious to get what they want when they want it.”
The fate of these compassionate English Bulldogs is a pitiful state as they are first a cash cow, then they become the white elephant.

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Source : TheGuardian



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