Sunday , December 8 2019

Woman Breaks up after Boyfriend Abuses Her Bulldog – SHOCKING

The shocking video has caused widespread disgust in Brazil


A Rio de Janeiro woman called it quits with her boyfriend after a camera that she secretly installed caught the man abusing two of her French bulldogs late last month.

Ninna Mandin published two videos on Facebook showing her now ex-boyfriend, Rafael Hermida, body slamming one of the dogs while holding another in the air by its hind leg before dropping it to the ground.

She said she installed the camera after suspecting the man of foul behavior. Watch  Shoking Video

In a follow-up post, Mandin said the dogs were “recovering” and now far away “from the scope of him or any evil.”

girlfriend and bulldogNina Mandin. (Image source: Facebook)

Source: TheBlaze



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