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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, a large-sized, short-haired guard dog, hailing from the US, looks the epitome of strength, dedication, and loyalty. A protective family companion, the Alapaha will mesmerize you with its excellent watchdog abilities.

Although it makes an active playmate with your kids, it needs early socialization and training to mitigate its aggression towards other dogs and pets in your household. If you do not have any prior experience of handling dogs, then this is not the breed for you. The Alapaha needs a firm, confident owner who it can respect.

Breed Characteristics

  • Other Names:Alapaha Bulldog, Otto Bulldog, Otto
  • Colors:White, black, fawn, gray, brindle, red
  • Life Expectancy:About 11-13 years
  • Height:20-25 in
  • Weight:Male: 66-99 lbs
    Female: 55-66 lbs
  • Temperament:Dutiful, loving, responsible, trainable
  • Good with Kids:Yes
  • Exercise requirements:Moderate
  • Hypoallergenic:No
  • Litter Size:4-8 puppies
  • Barking Capacity:Occasional
  • Health Problems:Congenital deafness, hip dysplasia, skin problems, entropion, and other eye problems
  • Trainability:Relatively easy
  • Origin:United States
Merle Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Pics



    Old English Bulldogs, the earliest ancestors of Alapaha Bulldog, were imported to the Americas for use in bull and bear-baiting, as well as for herding cattle and pigs


    For several generations, the Lane family in Rebecca, Georgia bred these rare bulldog-type ‘catch dogs’


    A group of dog enthusiasts from southern Georgia founded the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Association and started the breed registry

    Early 2000s

    As many as 120-150 Alapaha Bulldogs were recorded

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Size
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppies


Make sure that you feed your Alapaha Bulldog well-balanced food, which will help it to have good musculature and maintain a healthy weight. It would be best if you were extra cautious with whatever you are offering your canine friend.

If you are on the lookout for commercial food, check its ingredients and see if it has meat and other protein sources as the primary component. When choosing store-bought dry dog food, Eukanuba and Hill’s Science are some of the brands you can trust.

Your Alapaha is a moderately active dog and may be happy with long daily walks. Some will also enjoy a romp and play in an enclosed yard. Like other working dogs, it needs something to keep itself occupied and loves to have a job. Also, make it a point not to leave your dog alone in the yard for too long because it thrives on companionship.

To take care of your Alapaha’s short and smooth coat, you need to brush it at least one or two times a week. A soft-bristled brush would help in removing dead hair while keeping its coat healthy. Aside from following the standard hygiene measures, like cleaning its ears and trimming its nails, you may bathe it using a gentle shampoo when it is dirty.

Get your dog socialized to humans and other dogs by meeting new people and canines while keeping all the interactions fun. Also, train your pup with commands like ‘Stay’, ‘Sit’. ‘Leave It’, and ‘Drop It’ to avoid any unwanted behavior. Do not forget to keep the training sessions short (not more than 15 minutes), at least a few days in the beginning.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Female
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Photos

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