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Brindle American Bulldog

An all brindle American bulldog barely exists and is not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club and other breed registries. However, the white and brindle variation is popular, and even regarded as one of its standard colorations.

Since brindle dogs are rare, if breeders produce a completely brindle breed, perhaps by crossbreeding the American bulldog with some other purebred brindle breed, the cost of the resultant breed would for sure be on the higher side.

Brindle American Bulldog

Types of Brindle American Bulldogs

Brindle and White American Bulldog

Brindle and White

The white and brindle American bulldog has a white coat with a brindled pattern all over, closely replicating tiger stripes. The brindle coloration is brought about by various shades like red, brown, fawn, or black.

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