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Merle American Bulldog

Merle is a rare color for the American Bulldog, though it is not recognized as a standard color. Like any other merle-coated dog, a merle American Bulldog displays a mottled pattern with dark-colored patches throughout its body. The base color is often darker, with patches or spots of diluted colors like blue, bluish-gray, black, and brown.

A merle coat is typically associated with health risks, including vision and hearing problems. Still, with their rarity and attractive appearance, these puppies may cost on the higher side of the $1,200-$2,000 range for an average American Bulldog puppy.

Merle American Bulldog
American Bulldog Merle
Merle American Bulldog Puppies
Merle American Bulldog Picture

Different Types of Merle American Bulldogs

Blue Merle

Their coat is partially black, teamed with bluish-gray patches, creating a mottled pattern.

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