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White American Bulldog

White is the only standard color approved for the American bulldog by Kennel Club and other prominent breed registries. White bulldogs have an all-white coat from head to tail, sans any other markings or colorations. Besides white, other variations like white & black, white & brindle, white & brown, and white & tan are also acknowledged by the AKC, not as a standard color though.

The white American bulldog isn’t that cheap, costing around $1200-$1500.

American White Bulldog
White American Bulldog Picture
American Bulldog White
American White Bulldog Puppies

Types of White American Bulldog

White and Black American Bulldog

White and Black

American bulldogs with this coat coloration have a white coat with black markings all over, mainly on the areas, around their face and back. The markings are primarily present as patches, varying from one dog to another.

White and Brindle American Bulldog

White and Brindle

The base color appears white, while brindle patches ranging from black to brown or red to fawn cover the dog’s entire body, mainly the back and parts of its face. The unique blend of colors created by the brindle pattern bears a close resemblance to tiger stripes.

White and Tan American Bulldog

White and Tan

Against a white coat fills the tan patches that dilute to form a light brown shade. White and tan are recognized colors but not as popular as the white and black or white and brindle variants.

White and Brown

A white coat with brown markings or patches all over is what the White and brown American bulldog is about. The white and brown should not be confused with white and tan since that too appears light brown due to the dilution of the tan coloration.

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