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American Bulldog Mixes

The strong, muscular appearance, blended with confidence, loyalty, and an alert, courageous disposition, makes the American bulldog one of the most popular choices for a pet – a combination of a perfect companion and an effective guard dog. Registered by the AKC only in 2019, the dog has already been mixed with several purebreds. The result is unique crosses retaining the best traits of the American bulldog and integrating them with those of the other parent.


1. Bullypit (American Bulldog x Pitbull)

Temperament: Loyal, sweet, protective


2. Bulloxer (American Bulldog x Boxer)

Temperament: Faithful, intelligent, protective

American Bullador

3. American Bullador (American Bulldog x Labrador Retriever)

Temperament: Affectionate, protective, loyal

American Bulldog Shepherd

4. American Bulldog Shepherd (American Bulldog x German Shepherd)

Temperament: Even-tempered, lively, confident

American Masti-Bull

5. American Masti-Bull (American Bulldog X Mastiff)

Temperament: Loyal, sensitive, laid-back

American Bullweiler

6. American Bullweiler (American Bulldog x Rottweiler)

Temperament: Amiable, protective, watchful

7. EngAm Bulldog (American Bulldog x English Bulldog)

Temperament: Gentle, affectionate, docile


8. American Bullsky (American Bulldog x Siberian Husky)

Temperament: Intelligent, stubborn, outgoing

American Beabull

9. American Beabull (American Bulldog x Beagle)

Temperament: Loyal, loving, curious

American Bull Dane

10. American Bull Dane (American Bulldog x Great Dane)

Temperament: Gentle, loving, alert, fearless

11. Catahoula Bulldog (American Bulldog x Catahoula Leopard Dog)

Temperament: Calm, loyal, protective

American Bull-Aussie

12. American Bull-Aussie (American Bulldog x Australian Shepherd)

Temperament: Loyal, protective, smart

American Boston Bull Terrier

13. American Boston Bull Terrier (American Bulldog x Boston Terrier)

Temperament: Affectionate, intelligent, energetic

American Bullhuahua

14. American Bullhuahua (American Bulldog x Chihuahua)

Temperament: Sociable, smart, alert

American Bull Staffy

15. American Bull Staffy (American Bulldog x American Staffordshire Terrier

Temperament: Loyal, sociable, protective


16. Bullmatian (American Bulldog x Dalmatian)

Temperament: Fun-loving, loyal, energetic

American Boodle

17. American Boodle (American Bulldog x Poodle)

Temperament: Even-tempered, friendly, intelligent

American Bullrat Terrier

18. American Bullrat Terrier (American Bulldog x Rat Terrier)

Temperament: Sweet, protective, family-oriented

American Bull Pei

19. American Bull Pei (American Bulldog x Shar-Pei)

Temperament: Calm, protective, loyal

American Pugabull

20. American Pugabull (American Bulldog x Pug)

Temperament: Playful, protective, energetic

American Neo Bull

21. American Neo Bull (American Bulldog x Neopolitan Mastiff)

Temperament: Intelligent, protective, friendly

American Bully

22. American Bully (American Bulldog x English Bulldog x Olde English Bulldogge)

Temperament: Adaptable, active, loyal

American Collie

23. American Collie – American Bulldog x Border Collie

Temperament: Gentle, intelligent, friendly


24. Bullkita (American Bulldog x Akita)

Temperament: Loyal, friendly, alert

American Golden Bulltriever

25. American Golden Bulltriever (American Bulldog x Golden Retriever)

Temperament: Loyal, loving, alert

26. American Bull Dogue De Bordeaux (American Bulldog x Dogue De Bordeaux)

Temperament: Stubborn, yet patient and loyal; aggressive towards other pets

27. American French Bulldog (American Bulldog x French Bulldog)

Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, protective

28. American Bull-Jack (American Bulldog x Jack Russell Terrier)

Temperament: Confident, intelligent, friendly; can be stubborn at times

29. American Chow Bulldog (American Bulldog x Chow Chow)

Temperament: Stubborn, aloof, yet intelligent and affectionate

30. American Buldober (American Bulldog x Doberman)

Temperament: Strong-willed, loyal, affectionate

31. American Bullcorg (American Bulldog x Corgi)

Temperament: Friendly, affectionate, energetic

32. American Newfoundbulland (American Bulldog x Newfoundland)

Temperament: Loyal, affectionate, hard-working

33. American Pyrenees (American Bulldog x Great Pyrenees)

Temperament: Friendly, loyal, affectionate, protective

34. American Corso (American Bulldog x Cane Corso)

Temperament: Loving, energetic, intelligent

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