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Black English Bulldog

Black is one of the rarest coat colors of the English bulldog, not recognized as the breed’s standard coloration by the American Kennel Club. An all-black English bulldog mostly has a shiny black outer coat, with or without a fawn undercoat. Their footpads, nose, and eyeliner appear all-black.

Black English Bulldog
Black English Bulldog Puppies
English Bulldog Black

Types of Black English Bulldogs

Black and White English Bulldog

Black and white

They have a black body with white markings around their face, chest, and even feet. The color variation could even be the other way round, though that is not too common, with the dogs having a white coat and a black marking.

Black Tri/Trindle English Bulldog

Black tri/black trindle

Black is the primary color, with white markings on the chest and even their feet. The highlight here is the tan points around their paw pads and nose. Black trindle or tricolor dogs are hard to find and come for a high price, costing about $5000.

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