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Blue English Bulldog

Blue is another exotic and unique coloration of the English bulldogs, not recognized as the standard color of the breed, though. The blue dogs initially have a black body. When they are six months old, their coat eventually gets diluted by the [dd] gene. Blue dogs are not out-and-out blue but mostly appear silvery-gray. They might even have a fawn undercoat, while their nose, paws, and eyebrows are bluish-gray.

Blue English Bulldog
Blue English Bulldog Puppy
Full Grown Blue English Bulldog
Blue English Bulldog Picture

The rare color variety they are, blue bulldogs aren’t cheap, costing $3000-$5000.

Types of Blue English Bulldog

Blue Tri English Bulldog

Blue Tri

They have a shiny silver coat with tan points on their chest, legs, and eyes. Blue tri dogs are hard to find and priced at about $6500.

Blue Merle English Bulldog

Blue Merle

They have white as their base color with light to dark gray markings. Tan or black patches of varying shapes and sizes might be visible on their coat, creating a merle pattern.

Blue Fawn English Bulldog

Blue Fawn

The blue fawn English bulldog has a bluish-fawn appearance with patterns of blue and white.

Blue Brindle English Bulldog

Blue Brindle

Blue brindle bulldogs mostly have a bluish-gray coat with brindle markings on their head, back, and chest.

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