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Brindle English Bulldog

Brindle is one of the commonest coat colors of this breed, also recognized by the American Kennel Club as one of the standard colors of the English bulldog. One of the highlighting traits of the brindle English bulldog is its striped appearance against a base color varying from shades of red, white, or fawn. An ideal coloration for the brindle English bulldog is the tiger-like pattern all over its body. Besides brindle, the other combinations of brindle that the AKC acknowledges include fawn and brindle, fawn brindle and white, red brindle, red and white and red brindle, and white.

Brindle English Bulldog
English Bulldog Brindle
Brindle English Bulldog Puppies
Female Brindle English Bulldog

How much does it cost

The brindle English bulldog is not cheap, with the red brindle and the red brindle and white costing around $2500.

Types of Brindle English Bulldog

Red Brindle

Red brindle

One of the most popular brindle variants, dogs with this coloration have red as their base color with dark stripes running throughout their body.

Red Brindle and White

Red brindle & white

The body is red with brindle stripes and patches of white on its face, legs, and back.

Fawn Brindle White

Fawn brindle & white

The dog would have a brown body with brindle strips and white patches surrounding its face and nose.

Lilac Brindle

Lilac Brindle

This isn’t that common, and dogs of this coloration would have a combination of lilac and fawn with white markings on their face and feet.

Fawn & Brindle

Fawn & brindle: They have a brownish coat with black or chocolate stripes all over, closely replicating the body of a tiger.

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