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Fawn English Bulldog

Fawn is one of the standard colors of the English bulldog as recognized by the American Kennel Club. Certain variations of fawn such as fawn and brindle, fawn and white, and fawn, brindle, and white are also acknowledged as its standard coloration. The fawn English bulldogs mostly have a  tannish yellow coat, varying in shade from pale tan to deep red.

Fawn English Bulldog
Fawn English Bulldog Puppies
Fawn English Bulldog Picture

The average price of fawn dogs varies between $1500 and $2000. Still, it may be higher depending on the color combinations, alongside their age and sex.

Types of Fawn English Bulldog

Blue Fawn English Bulldog

Blue Fawn

Blue fawn is mostly not a specific color variation of fawn dogs. Blue dogs are not entirely blue but have a white or fawn undercoat.

Fawn and White English Bulldog

Fawn and white

The base color is fawn, while white patches are seen on their back, paws, and face.

Lilac Fawn English Bulldog

Lilac Fawn

They have a fawn coat with lilac or purple patches around their eyes, footpads, and nose.

Fawn Brindle White English Bulldog

Fawn Brindle and White

While the base color is fawn, they have brindle stripes on their body and patches of white around their face and paws.

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