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Lilac English Bulldog

Lilac is one of the rarest and most exotic colorations in the English bulldog. Dogs with this coat are mostly born black. The [bb] or chocolate gene is responsible for diluting the black coat to brown. On the other hand, the [dd] or blue gene is instrumental in transforming the black color to a bluish shade. The blend of brown and blue finally results in a lilac or purplish coloration. When both the parents have a combination of the chocolate and blue gene, chances are high that the resultant puppy could acquire a chocolate coat. Some lilac dogs could have blue eyes, while their paw pads, eyeliner, and nose mostly appear purple.

Full Grown Lilac English Bulldog
Lilac English Bulldog
Lilac English Bulldog
Lilac English Bulldog Picture
Lilac English Bulldog Puppy

The lilac English bulldog aren’t easy to find, and because of its unique coloration it comes with a high price, as much as $4000-$6000.

Types of Lilac English Bulldogs

Lilac Tricolor English Bulldog

Lilac Tri

The lilac tri color English bulldogs have a brown body, with a yellowish-orange tinge all because of the blue gene diluting the coat to a lighter shade. Bulldogs with this color variation mostly have blue eyes and tan points all over, mainly in the area around their eyes and even feet. Lilac tri English bulldogs might cost as much as $9000 if the breeders manage to get the perfect shade.

Lilac Merle English Bulldog

Lilac Merle

Lilac merle dogs would have a purplish body with a merle pattern all over. They too could cost as much as the lilac tri color dogs.

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