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Merle English Bulldog

The merle coloration in dogs is a result of the merle gene creating a mottled appearance. In bulldogs, the merle pattern comes in a white base, teamed with light or dark gray markings, and sometimes even patches of black and tan.

Like most other merle dogs, English bulldogs with this coat pattern would have either both or at least one blue eyes, while the skin surrounding their nose pad mostly appear light pink or of a mottled pattern in combination of both black and pink.

Merle English Bulldog
Merle English Bulldog Puppies
Merle English Bulldog Picture
Merle English Bulldog Image

How much is a merle English bulldog

A merle English bulldog due to its mottled appearance has a high price tag attached to it. The minimum cost is $4500 that can increase to as much as $15,000 depending on the color combinations the merle patterns come in.  

Types of Merle English Bulldog

Blue Merle English Bulldog

Blue Merle

Black dogs with a dd (blue) and merle gene eventually take on this coloration. As they grow in age the black coat dilutes to blue though not completely. In fact while some portion of it appears black, the remaining acquires a bluish-gray coloration, giving it a mottled look.

Lilac Merle English Bulldog

Lilac Merle

A purplish coat with a merle pattern throughout is what makes the lilac merle English bulldog.

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