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Red English Bulldog

Red is recognized by the American Kennel Club as one of the standard colors of the English bulldog. The AKC also acknowledges the combination of red and white, red brindle, as well as red brindle, and white as a part of their standard coloration. They may not have a wholly red body, but the color varies from deep orange to liver red. Most red bulldogs have white markings on their chest and feet.

Red English Bulldog
Red English Bulldog Puppies
Red English Bulldog Picture

Types of Red English Bulldogs

Red and White English Bulldog

Red and White

Red and white is one of the most popular combinations of the English bulldog, and all red bulldogs also have patches of white. The markings are primarily visible on their feet, chest, and area around their face. 

Red Brindle English Bulldog

Red Brindle

The base color is red, with deep stripes running throughout its body.

Red Brindle and White English Bulldog

Red Brindle and White

This pattern is precisely similar to the red brindle coloration, with the only addition being the white markings on their feet, back, and face. Most red brindle English bulldogs are not entirely red brindle but have markings of white that may or may not be prominent.

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