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Tricolor English Bulldog

Tri color English bulldog is mostly a combination of two primary colors, while the third shade, mainly tan, is seen on points like around the cheeks, on the feet, near the chest, and so on. The four most basic tri color combinations of the English bulldog include black, chocolate, lilac, and blue.

Tri Color English Bulldog Puppies
Tri Color English Bulldog
English Bulldog Tri Color Puppy
Tri Colored English Bulldog

How much do they cost

The dogs with a tricolor pattern cost between $4500 and $10,000 because of their rarity and exotic appearance.

Types of Tricolor English Bulldogs

Black Tricolor English Bulldog

Black Tricolor

Black tricolor bulldogs have a black base, with markings of white on their feet and chest. The tan points on their nose and paw pads complete the tricolor combination. Black tricolor dogs are priced at $5000.

Blue Tricolor English Bulldog

Blue Tricolor

The bluish coat dilutes to a silvery-white coloration. These dogs also have tan points around their eyes, chest, and legs. Blue tricolored dogs cost around $6500.

Lilac Tricolor English Bulldog

Lilac Tricolor

Lilac tricolored dogs appear brownish-blue with blue eyes and tan points surrounding their eyes, chest, face, and feet. Breeding lilac tri colored dogs are challenging enough, reflected in their high price of around $9000.

Chocolate Tricolor English Bulldog

Chocolate Tricolor

They are dark brown with patches of white and tan points surrounding their face, chest, and legs, blending well with their brown body.  Their nose appears brown, while the eyes are deep blue. These dogs cost about $7500.

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