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French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldogs come in several colors, widely classified into two types. Standard colors like white, fawn, or cream have been recognized since 1911. But there are also exotic colors like black, blue, or lilac, often resulting from experiments by modern breeders to create new colors. The difference is that no breed registry recognizes the exotic ones.
Frenchies have a high price tag, in part due to their colors. The exotic ones generally are more expensive than the standard ones.

French Bulldog Colors

Common or Standard Colors

WhiteBrindle & WhiteFawn & White
White & BrindleWhite & FawnCream & White
Fawn BrindleFawn Brindle & White

Rare or Exotic Colors

MerlePiedTri Color


1. Which are the rarest French Bulldog colors?

Some of the rarest Frenchie colors include lilac, merle, chocolate, blue and pure black.

2. What is the most expensive French Bulldog color?

Platinum French Bulldogs are the most expensive, starting at $10,000 and going all the way up to $30,000.

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