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Blue French Bulldog

A blue-colored French bulldog is perhaps the cutest and coolest among the lot. Behind such a unique and uncommon coloration is a recessive diluted ‘d’ gene diluting their black coat to blue resulting in a bluish-gray body. They can either appear solid blue or even have white patches on their chest and stomach. The blue dogs may even have shades of brindle, tan, fawn, or pied on their body if bred with Frenchies of this pattern. ‘Mouse’ or ‘gray’ are the other synonyms used for describing the blue French bulldogs.

Despite its popularity, the AKC and no other prominent breed registry recognize blue as the French bulldog’s standard color. The French Bulldog Club of America refers to the blue variant as a ‘fad’ or faulty color discouraging their breeding.

Whether the blue French bulldog suffers from increased health problems than the other color variants is debatable. Some breeders opine that two healthy parents with a recessive gene would undoubtedly lead to a healthy puppy. Yet, veterinarians hold them susceptible to certain skin-related conditions like the Color dilution alopecia.

Downsizing the blue French bulldog for added cuteness results in the teacup or miniature varieties that are not desirable due to impending health hazards it may cause.

Like other French bulldogs, the blue ones are also short-haired though a few have long hairs appearing, Fozzy, a blue Frenchie puppy being one of them.

Blue French Bulldog
Blue French Bulldog Puppies
Blue Mini French Bulldog
Long Haired Blue French Bulldog
Adult Blue French Bulldog

Different Types of Blue French Bulldogs

Blue Merle French Bulldog

Blue Merle

Small or large merle patches remain present on their ears, face, body, and paws. On the edges, the patches could appear torn or zigzag.

Blue Fawn French Bulldog

Blue Fawn

They appear cloudy and dusky with the brindle-tan pattern seen near their muzzle, eyes, ears, and back.

Blue Pied French Bulldog

Blue Pied (Blue and white)

Blue pied French bulldogs are hard to find, and the commonest combination of them is blue and white. The pied pattern is visible on their legs, chest, and cheeks.

Blue Brindle French Bulldog

Blue Brindle

Blue brindled Frenchies have a full blue body with tiger-striped patches. Their eye color appears a little different, being brown, bluish-gray, or yellow.

Blue Sable French Bulldog

Blue Sable

They are the rarer versions of the fawn variety, having sable coloration on their head and lower leg, alongside a blue mask on their face, and blue tipped hairs throughout the body.

Blue and Tan French Bulldog

Blue Tan

The overall color is blue with the markings of tan, cream, white or fawn on their ears, chest, muzzle, and areas above the eyes.

Full Grown Blue French Bulldog
Blue Grey French Bulldog
Blue Tri French Bulldog
Teacup Blue French Bulldog

How much do blue French bulldogs cost

Blue French bulldogs have a high price tag attached to them because the best dogs are selected to produce a healthy puppy. The average cost for puppies range between $2000 and 3000, while for adults it is $1500 – 2000

Grooming them is easy since they shed even lesser than the other color variants of French bulldogs. Yet, a lot of cost goes into selecting a proper diet for them because of the allergies they are prone to. Regular medical checkups keeping in mind their vulnerability to health problems, also involves a lot of money.

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