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Brindle French Bulldog

A French Bulldog with a brindle or tiger-striped pattern has a series of light and dark streaks against their coats. There are several genes responsible for the brindle pattern, but the K-Locus is one of the most prominent. A Frenchie will display this pattern if it has inherited the recessive k gene from both its parents.

The AKC recognizes brindle as an official coat pattern, alongside variations like white and brindle, brindle and white, and fawn brindle.

Brindle French Bulldog
Brindle Color French Bulldog
Brindle French Bulldog Puppy
Brindle French Bulldog Full Grown

Different Types of Brindle French Bulldogs

Black Brindle French Bulldog

Black Brindle

One of the most common Frenchies, these dogs have black coats covered with fawn streaks.

Brindle and White French Bulldog

Brindle and White

They have white or cream coats, with dark-colored hairs in patches.

Reverse Brindle French Bulldog

Reverse Brindle

As the name might indicate, these dogs have lighter coats with dark patches.

Brindle Grey French Bulldog

Brindle Grey

These dogs have a little grey fur mixed in with their brindle streaks.

Tiger Brindle French Bulldog

Tiger Brindle

This dog has brindle streaks in a pattern reminiscent of a tiger.

Seal Brindle French Bulldog

Seal Brindle

They have dark coats with white hair strands. However, these strands are difficult to see, making the dog appear entirely black.

More Brindle French Bulldogs

How Much Do Brindle Frenchies Cost

On average, brindle French Bulldogs cost around $3000 – $4000.

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