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Chocolate French Bulldog

The chocolate coloration in Frenchies results from a recessive gene inherited by the puppy from both its parents. Hence, a chocolate French bulldog is rare and not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club and other breed registries. Those with a chocolate coat mostly have bright eyes that could range from brown to green, golden to yellow.

Chocolate French Bulldog
Chocolate French Bulldog Puppy
Chocolate French Bulldog Picture
Full Grown Chocolate French Bulldog

Different Types of Chocolate French Bulldog

Chocolate fawn

They have a fawn body with dilution noticed on the paw pad, ear, nose, and mask.

Chocolate and Tan French Bulldog

Chocolate and tan

Frenchies of this body color have a chocolate body with tan points on their legs, chest, muzzle, and tail area.

Chocolate Brindle French Bulldog

Chocolate brindle

The chocolate coat would have dark hairs on it resembling stripes or streaks.

Chocolate sable

The base is chocolate with dark hairs covering it making it look more black.

Chocolate Tri French Bulldog

Chocolate tri-color

Chocolate is the base color, with the other shades being black and tan or black and white.

How much do chocolate French bulldogs cost

Since a chocolate French bulldog is hard to find because of the difficulties associated in breeding them due to the recessive gene factor, they cost about $7000.

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