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Cream French Bulldog

Cream is a variation of white and a little different from the latter. Frenchies of this color is quite rare to find because of the difficulty associated with breeding them. It is often confused with fawn or the pied pattern since this color is a dilution of the recessive fawn gene.

Cream French bulldogs are born white, and within a day of their birth, they develop black edges on their ears, eye rims, lips, and paw pads. The cream color becomes more prominent as they mature, and the edges near the ears also have cream markings then. They may possess a dark mask or even come without it, while their eye color changes from blue to brown at ten weeks of age. The AKC and other prominent breed registries recognize cream as one of the French bulldog’s standard colorations.

Cream French Bulldog
Cream French Bulldog Puppy
Lilac Cream French Bulldog
Cream French Bulldog Image
Full Grown Cream French Bulldog

Different Types of Cream French Bulldogs

Cream and White French Bulldog

Cream and white

They mostly have a cream body with white markings or even the other way round.

Cream Pied French Bulldog

Cream pied

In such a pattern the body would have a cream background with fawn markings with or without an orangish overtone.

Platinum Cream Ffrench Bulldog

Platinum cream

They have a cream coat, though the black of the cream Frenchies is diluted, producing a lighter shade in the area around their lips, nose, paw pads, and eyes.

How much do cream French bulldogs cost

French bulldogs with a cream coat are a little hard to find and cost about $2000 – 3000. Most of them have short hair, so grooming them would not cost too much.

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