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Lilac Merle French Bulldog

Lilac merle is one of the rarest color variations of French Bulldogs. The base coat is light cream, covered with grey-mottled patches of an ashy, almost silvery shade. It is not recognized by the AKC.

A notable feature of the lilac merle French Bulldog is the color of its eyes. The genes which give this dog the merle patches all over its body can sometimes provide similar patches over its eyes. This leads some lilac merle Frenchies to have blue eyes for their entire lives, unlike most other dogs which lose their blue eyes upon maturing. Some have a condition called heterochromia, leading to only one of their eyes becoming blue, but it is completely normal.

While they appear similar to the blue Frenchie, the lilac patches on their coats are a good way to tell the two apart.

Lilac Merle French Bulldog Puppy
Lilac Merle French Bulldog
Lilac Merle French Bulldog Full Grown

Different Types of Lilac Merle French Bulldogs

Lilac and Tan Merle French Bulldog

Lilac and Tan Merle

These dogs have a dark and light pattern, with the darker sections being more noticeable towards the face.

Lilac Fawn Merle French Bulldog

Lilac Fawn Merle

A puppy must inherit double copies of the black gene, the diluted D-locus gene, and the chocolate gene as well as a single merle gene to have this color.

Lilac Tri merle French Bulldog

Lilac Tri Merle

They have significant mottling with a base cream-colored coat and grey darker sections.

How Much Does a Lilac Merle French Bulldog Cost

Thanks to their rarity, lilac merle Frenchies tend to be priced between $7000 and $7500. However, if they are guaranteed to have blue eyes throughout their lives, their prices can go up to $9000.

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