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Merle French Bulldog

The French bulldogs having a merle pattern possess a spectacular appearance because of their striped or spotted body. They have a solid base color varying from chocolate brown to blue, black to fawn, marked with regular or irregular patches of stripes or spots.

Merle-colored dogs are actually not true French bulldogs hence the AKC does not recognizes it as the breed’s standard color.  In fact, the regular Frenchies are crossed with merle gene breeds particularly the Chihuahua, the outcome mostly being a litter of merle puppies.

Two merle French bulldogs can even be bred together the resultant produce being a double merle dog inheriting the merle gene twice. Such dogs have a white body with splotches of other colors throughout, but are often born deaf or blind or both.

One of the striking features of the merle French bulldog is their blue eyes because of either the M-locus gene or low melanin level. Don’t panic if your dog has two different colored eyes as that is mostly due to a genetic condition, heterochromia.

Merle French Bulldog
Merle French Bulldog Puppy
Chocolate Merle French Bulldog
Merle Color French Bulldog
Merle French Bulldog Full Grown

Different Types of Merle French Bulldogs

Lilac Merle French Bulldog

Lilac Merle

Chocolate brown and blue appears as the base color while the eyes are of a lighter shade. The dilution of the blue fur in these dogs makes the lilac hue prominent. Being the most uncommon of the lot, their price could go up to as much as $30,000.

Black Merle French Bulldog

Black Merle

Black is the dominant gene with tan and fawn being the other prominent colors present.  

Blue Merle French Bulldog

Blue Merle

The dilution of the black color results in the blue coloration in these dogs. They mostly have light blue eyes throughout their life. 

White Merle French Bulldog

White Merle

This is one of the commonest with white as the base and markings of tan or brown.

Besides the patterns mentioned above the merle pattern can be a combination of several other shades like brindle, chocolate or fawn. However, cream and pied coloration are not a part of the merle shade.

How much do merle French bulldogs cost

Because of their rarity, they are on the pricier side costing about $6000 – $8000. Plus, a lot of maintenance is needed to deal with their skin allergies and other health problems that they may suffer from.

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