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Pied French Bulldog

Pied French Bulldogs have white coats with big dark patches of different colors like black, brown, and dark gray. These markings exist throughout the body, mainly on the back, around the eyes and ears, and in the areas below the neck.

One should not confuse pied with brindle, as the solid coat of a brindle Frenchie has light interspersed hairs, contrasting the dark patches against a light coat in a pied dog.

The AKC recognizes certain combinations of pied patterns like brindle & white, fawn & white, white & brindle, white & fawn, and cream & white.

Pied French Bulldog
Pied French Bulldog Puppy
Full Grown Pied French Bulldog
Female Pied French Bulldog

Different Types of Pied French Bulldogs

Brindle Pied French Bulldog

Brindle Pied

One of the more common pied Frenchies, these dogs have brindle patches over white coats. The brindling can be either black or blue.

Sable Pied French Bulldog

Sable Pied

It is similar to the fawn patterns, with dark brown or tan patches placed against a white coat.

Red Pied French Bulldog

Red Pied

These dogs are white underneath and have red patches on their head, neck, and parts of their backs.

Irish Pied French Bulldog

Irish Pied

An Irish pied French Bulldog is white on the bottom and dark on the top. This means the head, ears, upper neck, and back are either brown or black, while the belly, lower neck, and paws are white.

Cream Pied French Bulldog

Cream Pied

The cream coat has small or big patches of fawn.

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How Much Do Pied French Bulldogs Cost

On average, the price of a pied Frenchie ranges between $5,000 and $7,000.

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