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Red Fawn French Bulldog

A red fawn French Bulldog has a mahogany base coat with a light fawn tint. Its underbelly is lighter than its back, with some dogs also having black masks.

Several genes need to be inherited by a puppy to get this coat color. Firstly, they require an “A” gene to produce a brown pigment for their coats. Secondly, the “K” gene helps moderate the color of the coat, making it lighter or darker and adding the fawn tint to it. Thirdly, an “S” gene can cause white spotting and lighten the stomach region. And finally, the black mask on some red fawn Frenchies comes from an inherited “E” gene.

The AKC does not recognize red fawn as an official color.

Red Fawn Female French Bulldog
Red French Bulldog
Full Grown Red Fawn French Bulldog
Red Fawn French Bulldog Puppy
Maskless Red Fawn French Bulldog

What is the Price of a Red Fawn French Bulldog

On average, a red fawn Frenchie costs between $4,000 and $5,000.

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