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Tan French Bulldog

Tan is the rarest coloration seen in a French bulldog, and no Frenchie appears completely tan. They may come in fawn, a shade of tan that gives them a golden tan, reddish tan, or light tan look, or even appears black and tan. Tan points against a blue, black, white, or any other colored coat that mostly remains visible near its eyes, ears, stomach, and paws.

Fawn is a recognized coloration of this breed, but tan and is varieties like black and tan and blue and tan are not.

Tan French Bulldog
Tan French Bulldog Puppy
Tan French Bulldog Image
Tan French Bulldog Full Grown

Different Types of Tan French Bulldogs

Blue Sable and Tan French Bulldog

Blue sable and tan

A combination of sable and tan is seen on their lower leg and head against a blue body.

Fawn Tan French Bulldog

Fawn tan

There is no such color variant as the fawn tan, but the fawn Frenchies mostly appear golden tan or reddish tan.

French Bulldog Tan and White

White and tan

Tan or light brown patches cover an all-white coat.

1. How much do tan French bulldogs cost

Due to its rarity, black and tan French bulldog approximately costs $7000, lilac and tan varieties may cost between $9000 and 12000. In contrast, the blue tan ones could have a much higher price than all of them.

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