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Tri Color French Bulldog

Tricolor Frenchies mostly have a base coat of one color, while the other two shades could form as a part of the point coloration or marking. The A locus gene is mostly responsible for the tri gene in the French bulldogs. Sable has a single copy of the tri gene, while brindle that often replaces tan in a tri coat bears close similarity with the tricolor pattern. The only tricolor pattern in Frenchies that the AKC recognizes is fawn brindle and white.

Tri Color French Bulldog
Tri Color French Bulldog Puppy
Tri Color French Bulldog Full Grown
Tri Color French Bulldog Picture
French Bulldog Tri Color

Different Types of Tricolor French Bulldogs

Chocolate Tri Color French Bulldog

Chocolate tricolor

The Frenchie might have a black body with tan and chocolate markings on the points.

Blue Tri Color French Bulldog

Blue tricolor

Blue is the base color, with tan and lilac coloration present at specific points like their face and tail.

Black Tri Color French Bulldog

Black tricolor

In the black tricolor combination, the coat will appear black with white and tan points or white with black and tan points.

How much do tricolor French bulldogs cost  

They have an average cost like those with standard colors costing between $1500 – 3000.

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