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White French Bulldog

White is one of the accepted colorations of the French bulldog, acknowledged by the AKC. However, an all-white or extreme white Frenchie, in which 90% of the coat coloration is white, is rare or uncommon.

Most white French bulldogs have a pied pattern coming in brindle and white, fawn and white, white and brindle, white and fawn, cream and white, or fawn brindle and white, also recognized as standard variations of white by the AKC.

One of the leading causes of the coloration in an entirely white French bulldog could be the ‘Albino’ locus, a particular gene variety restricting pigmenting in certain parts of the body. This thus leads to an all-white body with pinkish skin, eyes, and nose.

White dogs often suffer from deafness as the cilia (small hairs in the inner ear) remains undeveloped as the pigmentation is incomplete. An individual study has noted that about 25% of the all-white Frenchie puppies suffer from bilateral deafness (inability to hear in both ears). In comparison, about 38% could be unilaterally deaf (facing hearing issues in a single ear only). They could even be more susceptible to burns and other skin problems.

White French Bulldog
White French Bulldog Puppies
White French Bulldog Full Grown
White French Bulldog Picture
Grey and White French Bulldog

Different Types of White French Bulldogs

Black and White French Bulldog

Black and white

In this pied pattern, against a white coat lies big black patches or spots. Another rare combination is a tuxedo-like white pattern sitting on its chest area, with the overall color being black.

Brindle and White French Bulldog

Brindle and white

It is more of brindle and less of white, appearing dark.

Fawn and White French Bulldog

Fawn and white/ white and fawn

In the first combination, it would be more fawn and fewer markings of white. For the second one, white would dominate with light fawn patches.

Cream and White French Bulldog

Cream and white

In this variation, the coat appears yellowish-cream or light ivory-white.

Tan and White French Bulldog

Tan and white

The base color is white with tan or brownish patches on the body and around the ears.

How much do white French bulldogs cost

They could cost between $1500 and 3000, however, if going for the all-white ones, that are a little rare too, a lot can go in their maintenance mostly due to the increased amount of health problem they suffer from.

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