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Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

French bulldogs are good family dogs and are known to mingle well with kids because of their friendly, affectionate nature, combined with their humorous demeanor. According to AKC’s Breed Temperament Guide, French bulldogs are adaptable, with an even disposition. These qualities help them remain patient during playtime without getting aggressive. But this is mostly true for kids living in the same house. You should be careful with kids visiting from outside.

It is important to socialize your Frenchie with kids from puppyhood, ideally between 3 to 20 weeks. This helps check their aggressive tendencies and overprotective instincts, allowing Frenchies to emerge as perfect playmates. Ensure your kids also know how to interact with small dogs like a Frenchie, as rough handling might trigger aggression.

It is still a good idea to supervise interactions of your French Bulldog with kids to prevent any untoward incident. Sometimes, your dog may become too attached to the kids in the family that they will stick to their side all the time, and this overprotectiveness might be dangerous for other kids.

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